Things You Will Never Learn About Slavery in Movies

As you may already know, directors in the film industry love to make movies and documentaries about slaves. This is mainly because these kinds of movies tend to get more awards and recognition. Even though these movies are well directed and quite emotional, they do not always tend to capture the whole picture. Some things that happen during a slave trade are too painful or brutal to show in a screen. Here are some such things about slavery that you need to know.

It Was Never Over

One thing that we see in all these movies about slavery is how the slaves get emancipated at the end. This makes us feel happy and better, so we go home with a satisfied heart. However, this is never the case. Not all the slaves get the opportunity to fight for their freedom. Only a very small minority manage to escape. Most people live and die as slaves without anyone ever knowing about it.

It Brings Money

In the movies, they usually show that the masters hit and abuse their slaves because they are pure evil and cruel at heart. Although this might be true to some extent, the main reason why many wealthy individuals followed slavery was that it had a lot of commercial advantages. They were able to make so much money without having to pay for the labor. Since this brought good profit, no one said anything about the slave trade, even if they were good, genuine men.

It Results in Emotional Abuse

We think that the worst that can happen to a slave is a man being killed or a woman being raped. However, if you do some proper research and if you read things like Dr Jonathan Brown slavery article, you will learn that there are worse means of torture. During those times, slaves were emotionally abused since they stripped of their independence as well their will to live. This psychological torture even drove some people to insanity and suicide.

Of course, these are never portrayed in television since anybody to believe that slave trade can get even uglier. However, it is important for us to remember that truth of what happened in our history.