How to Choose the Right Knee Brace

A knee brace provides support to the knee and helps in quick healing and recovery when an injury is encountered. A large variety of knee braces are available in the market which also vary hugely in cost. People who are regularly involved in strenuous activity like athletes wear a knee brace on a regular basis. Choosing the right knee brace can be a critical decision for such people. A knee brace should be comfortable on the knee and easy to wear. Let us look at some factors that you should consider when buying a knee brace:

1. What kind of support do I need?

Knee braces are of different kinds and therefore provide different degrees of support. Different types include knee sleeves, knee supports, knee stabilizers and hinged knee braces. The last two types i.e. knee stabilizers and hinged knee braces provide advanced degree of support. Knee sleeves are usally of a fixed size whereas knee supports are adjustable.

  1. Which knee brace style do I like?

Knee braces are either slip on or wraparound kind. Slip on braces have to be pulled up to the knee. The wraparound can be wrapped around the knee in desired size by means of Velcro straps.

  1. Open patella or closed patella?

A closed patella knee band provides consistent level of compression and support to the knee at all areas whereas an open patella knee brace releases pressure from the knee cap area.

  1. Size:

You should be aware of which size of a knee brace you will buy to give you a comfortable fit. Most knee braces come with a proper size chart.